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Sweeping the Culture: Caitlin Clark dominates, JuJu Watkins makes history and South Carolina stays undefeated

Updated: Apr 4

If you weren't tucked away under a rock this past weekend, the action-packed games of this year's March Madness NCAA Tournament were impossible to miss. With the spotlight firmly on the Women's NCAA Tournament, the drama reached new heights. South Carolina maintained their undefeated streak, but the last night's focus shifted to the showdowns featuring Caitlyn Clark of Iowa against Angel Reese of LSU, followed by UConn's clash with JuJu Watkins of USC. You can buy authentic South Carolina's gameday merch here: and

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Caitlyn Clark and Angel Reese's much-anticipated face-off lived up to its billing, with Iowa edging out LSU in a nail-biting finish, 94-87. Clark, in her senior year, didn't just live up to expectations; she shattered them. Her performance, marked by history-making three-pointers, saw her set a new record for the most 3-pointers in a tournament game. Angel Reese's Herculean effort of 20 rebounds and 17 points was a spectacle in itself, but it fell just short against Iowa's onslaught. Clark's astonishing 41 points underscored her pivotal role in Iowa's victory. You watch the game in style with this team's official vintage T-shirt, here

The night's action didn't stop there. UConn, a team synonymous with excellence in women's college basketball, added another chapter to their storied legacy by defeating JuJu Watkins and USC, 80-73. This victory not only highlighted UConn's dominance with the most NCAA Finals appearances but also showcased JuJu Watkins' extraordinary talent. Her 29 points not only led USC but also set a record for the most points by a freshman in Women's NCAA basketball history.

As Iowa prepares to face off against UConn, the anticipation for what promises to be an electrifying confrontation is palpable. The performances of Caitlyn Clark and JuJu Watkins, among others, have not only captivated fans but have also elevated the profile of Women's NCAA basketball. These athletes' displays of grit, teamwork, confidence, and talent have brought new fans to the sport and made history in the process. Reese and Watkins gave heartfelt speeches to the press and no doubt they will come back stronger and more formidable next season as Reese strengthens her ankle injury and Watkins develops her game as a Sophomore.

Looking ahead to the Final Four, the stage is set for an unforgettable clash of titans. As these remarkable young women and their teams prepare to give their all, fans worldwide await eagerly. The dedication and excellence shown by all the competitors in this tournament have been a true testament to the spirit of Women's basketball. They embodied the DIVA qualities of Drive, Innovation, Vigilance, and Achievement. As we look forward to the championship games, one thing is certain: these athletes have already won the hearts of many and propelled women's basketball to thrilling new heights.

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